Our Solution

Students for Healthy Moms and Babies Foundation will help save the lives of moms and babies by engaging a force of students to drive our philanthropic cause.

We are a philanthropic organization dedicated to reducing infant and maternal mortality in the United States. We fund innovative solutions that deliver access to quality healthcare for women, expectant mothers and their children, along with comprehensive initiatives to effectively reduce infant and maternal mortality in communities.

Our mission in-action encourages and funds the delivery of innovative solutions, including telemedicine and transportation options that overcome geographic barriers that prevent women and their infants from receiving quality medical care.

Telemedicine and in-home monitoring are among the answers that provde effective alternatives to face-to-face medical visits that are often difficult to keep for women living in certain urban and rural areas. Telemedicine improves access to medical professionals, encourages follow-up visits by patients, promotes education via video chats, increases patient compliance and advances preventive care.

Our Unique Focus and Solution

  • Student-driven fundraising and granting organization.
  • Work in partnership with students to harness, develop, and cultivate their leadership and philanthropic passion and talents. We encourage students to apply their skills and learning to the Foundation’s mission and beyond after they graduate.
  • National student outreach while impacting local communities in states with large mortality rates.
  • Fund innovative transportation and telemedicine solutions to ensure moms and babies have access to quality healthcare.
  • Measure results and impact on the lives of mothers and babies from our granting investment.
  • Provide philanthropic expertise through the Foundation President/CEO and Board of Directors.

We Fund

  • Initiatives that promote an integrated community-wide approach to reducing maternal and infant mortality.
  • Safe and reliable transportation to women and children for in-person healthy-visits, pre-natal, and post-natal medical appointments.
  • innovative, transportation-based, in-home, and curb-side healthcare visit initiatives.
  • Telemedicine/in-home monitoring and videoconferencing medical appointments for women and their children.

Granting Process

  • Funds raised in specific states will fund initiatives in those states.
  • Student affiliated with the foundation will recommend grantees to receive funds to fulfill the Foundation mission.
  • Foundation planning and implementation support costs will be funded by proceeds raised from each state’s fundraising initiatives.


  • Lives of mothers and their babies will be saved
  • Health and well-being of mothers and babies will improve
  • Students and donor partners will help drive the impact of our mission and infant and maternal mortality will be reduced.