"23,000 babies die each year in the United States from their day of birth to their first birthday."--Source: CDC

Our Mission

We raise money and fund initiatives that reduce infant and maternal mortality and improve access to quality healthcare for moms and infants.

Mission Impact

It is an alarming fact that the United States has among the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Equally concerning, maternal mortality is among the highest among developed countries. Many of these deaths among infants and mothers are preventable.

One of the key causes of these deaths is that families who live in poverty do not have convenient access to quality healthcare. Our mission is focused on changing this tragic reality by funding solutions that overcome this healthcare disparity.

Our Vision

Students harness their talent, passion and commitment to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

Vision Impact

We engage, encourage and support students to organize, plan and implement awareness-building and fundraising efforts to improve access to quality healthcare for mothers and infants.

Our Solution

We fund the delivery of innovative initiatives that provide convenient access to quality healthcare for moms and infants. This includes telemedicine and transportation options that overcome geographic and other barriers that prevent moms and infants from receiving the care they need and should receive.

The outcome of our mission, is that we will save lives and improve the health and well-being of moms and babies by funding effective and practical initiatives that deliver convenient, quality healthcare solutions to mothers and infants. Learn More

From The NY Times
A woman who had been pregnant with twins, and had lost one of them after she experienced pain but was unable to get an appointment to see a doctor.

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"More than 700 mothers die in the United States each year from the day they give birth to 42 days after giving birth." --Source: CDC

Healthy Moms and Babies

Infant and Maternal Mortality

  • Infant Mortality: Each year in the United States, approximately 23,000 babies die from their day of birth, to their first birthday.
  • Maternal Mortality: More than 700 mothers die in the United States each year from the day they give birth to 42 days after giving birth.
  • Preventable Deaths: Many infant and maternal deaths are preventable.
  • Impact of Race and Poverty on Infant and Maternal Mortality: African American, Native American and Pacific Islander families are 2-3 times more likely to experience infant and maternal mortality than families of other races. Many of these families live in poverty.
  • We fund solutions to address healthcare disparities that contribute to infant and maternal mortality.

From The Indianapolis Recorder
‘Beloved’ doctor’s childbirth death reminder of a tragic trend for Black moms

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